Advantages of Using a Table Leg Leveler

It takes vision, a solid business plan, talented workers, strong cash flows and the right equipment to operate an event-planning venue. You’re also going to need a strong marketing plan, one that can help you spread the word about your event planning venue, including the types of clients you serve. However, if you host events like industry wide conferences and seminars, town halls, quarterly business reviews, graduations and birthday and anniversary celebrations it might be your equipment, furniture and decor that most demands the attention of your customers, second only to the food you serve. Should one or more of your tables become worn, take the time to balance them using a table leg leveler.

As with other product lines, there are different types of a table leg leveler you could shop for. Amongst some of the levelers used in the event planning, food and hospitality industries are:

· Glides (designed to be nailed onto the bottoms of table legs to balance the furniture)

· Non-skid table leg leveler (built with a one inch stem; easily screws into the bottom of table legs)

· Swivel nylon-base table leg leveler (nickel plated with a hex nut for easy use and tightening)

· Threaded round and square tubing (inserts used with leveler screws)

To save money on table levelers, consider buying the products in bulk, a dozen or more at a time. There are also table levelers, like rubber or plastic table wedges that are inserted beneath table legs, that come in packs of 30, 75 and 300. This might be a good option if you operate a large event planning venue. Furthermore, not only could table levelers keep your furniture looking relatively new, they could also extend the life of your furniture.

As a tip, use a table leg leveler that has been tested and proven to be capable of balancing several hundred pounds. Additionally, small table levelers may not be distracting for your clients, a fact that could add more appear to your event planning venue. For example, some levelers are black, making it possible for the levelers to blend in with the color of black tables or chairs located at your facility.

In addition to balancing worn tables and chairs, levelers could also be used to temporarily replace knobs at the bottom of chairs and tables. Let’s say you or one of your employees misplaces or loses a short leg at the bottom of a chair, a leveler could add more balance to the furniture until you receive a replacement for the short leg.

Other reasons to use a table leg leveler include having the bottom of a table leg get chipped or one side of a table getting out of balance due to having heavy boxes, equipment, etc. constantly placed on one end of the furniture. Because levelers are easy to insert and use, generally anyone on your staff could place the tools into the legs of your tables or chairs, saving you money and effort. 

This article was written by Rhonda Campbell.

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