My Life At 38

It was my birthday the other day. I took some time off that is why I was not able to blog hop and leave some comments but I was able to read your greetings. Thank you very much! It was overwhelming to know that I have lots of friends here in blogosphere, people whom I do not know personally and haven’t met yet. I have proven this once when I posted a blog about me being rushed to the hospital. It is my post that has the most comments so far. It only shows that you guys care. I would like to thank also my bestfriend Hazel and my close friends Marie and Pat, persons whom I have shared some moments of my 38 years. We seldom keep in touch but I know they are just there. 

Two years more and I will be on my forties. My life is not as smooth as silk but I have no regrets at all. We are not wealthy but we are well provided; I don’t have much money but I have many friends; I may not have everything but I am contented with what I have. I am happily married for almost ten years now and living my life to the fullest with the persons I love.

May GOD give me 30 more years to be able to share some wisdom, more blessings and lots of love to other people.

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