The Power of Live Customer Service for Online Businesses

In today’s high-tech age, consumers are still looking for high-touch service. This has been proven in many consumer studies that show increased sales when customers are able to talk to a live person who represents the company they wish to do business with. There are many advantages to having live customer service for online businesses. It is recommended that online businesses explore the option of offering a live chat service in their websites.

live customer service

Opportunity for Conversion

Studies show that consumers who shop online are more likely to make a purchase from a website that offers a live chat service. Seeing that live chat button allows them instant access to a company personnel who can answer their inquiries and ease whatever apprehensions they might have about the products and services they are interested in. The company can take every request for live chat service as an opportunity to close the sale right then and there. Live customer service for online businesses should be staffed by people who have both sales and service orientation.

Lead Generation

A lot of companies are more aggressive in their live chat services. Instead of simply waiting for customers to click the chat button, they are proactive in asking or inviting the customers for a “chat.” Live customer service for online businesses is now more than just answering customers’ inquiries. It’s about initiating conversations with customers so that valuable leads are generated. This is done by getting the customers’ important information. This way, even if the customer does not make a purchase during his visit, the company can continue to communicate with him to convince him to eventually make a purchase at a later time. When companies are able to maximize the lead generation capabilities of their live chat service, they are also able to build their database of qualified prospects that they can tap for more revenues.

The Technology of Live Chat

There are companies that specialize in providing software and support for live customer service for online businesses. These companies can customize live chat packages to suit the needs of the businesses that they serve. While these services do not come for free, the potential revenues that businesses stand to gain from having a live chat facility on their websites are significantly more than what the company has to spend. A live chat service is a wise investment for any online business today.

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