Easy Ways to Lose Weight

I gained weight. Waaah! I am now 50 kilos from 48 kilos last December. I gained 4.4 lbs. Not that fat yet but quite plump. I am craving for food and have this appetite since the past holiday season. The other day I consumed a whole lanera of leche flan and now I am craving for pizza with lots of cheese and Pizza Hut’s lasagna. Yumyum!

I want to lose weight because most of my jeans and shorts doesn’t fit me anymore. I am wearing shorts with open buttons in the house. Besides, I am not tall so I see myself as a bouncing ball whenever I am walking. lol! It is hard to lose weight. Self discipline and determination are needed and I think I don’t have those.

Based on research, I can now diet without dieting. Quite confusing huh? It’s good news that I don’t need to deprive myself from the food I like to eat to trim down my dress size. Science has proven that following a restrictive food plan can make you more like to over eat. Those who are following weight loss plan are feeling so deprived that they breakdown and overdo. It is best to eat frequently and consume small portions in order to keep your body burning calories. The metabolism slows down if the body doesn’t given any food.

It is important also to recognize the difference between true and emotional hunger. Eating when you are physically hungry is okay but physiological or emotional hunger is different. When you are emotionally hungry, you want your inner self to be okay. So you sit down on a table, enjoy the act of eating, and eat off a plate. You tend to eat more because you won’t stop until you are satiated. Haven’t experienced this though.

Change your eating habits. Eat less calories, eat lots of veggies and fruits. Yeepee! I am a salad lover so I can still enjoy salad but with less dip this time. Well, the dip doesn’t matter for I can eat the veggies itself. I love fruits too especially the crunchy ones like apples and pears.

Of course, exercise is needed for the diet to be more effective. Ooops, you don’t need to go to the gym. Ride on your bike and tour the streets in your neighborhood. Don’t have a bike? Get out and walk. It doesn’t have to be very long but make sure that you spend some time each day.

Hmmm…seems I can lose weight easily and effortlessly. Of course I can be beautiful and healthy in any size but I want to button my shorts and pants. lol!

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