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It’s the month of hearts and it’s time to spread some love. Cheesy as it might sound, you might want to spread some love in the workplace and make it a happier place to work at. It is easy to get caught up with all the piles of paperwork, the battery of meetings, and the long hours of overtime work. A little TLC spread in the workplace will give your employees just enough push to want to keep on going, going, and going.

love in the workplace
Pump up the Energizer bunny in your employees with these tips:

Be generous with praise – a little pat on the back every now and then or a small note to commend an employee for a job well done is always appreciated. Make sure it is sincere. You do not want your employees to feel like your buttering them up for some underhanded ulterior motive. Honest compliments and acknowledgement will show your employees that their efforts are being noticed. This will encourage them to do more and work towards advancing in their career within your organization.

The little things count too – you might not think much of installing a coffeemaker in your employee lounge, but ordinary employees do appreciate a place where they can be comfortable when they take their breaks. Having the basic equipment like a coffeemaker, a microwave oven, and maybe even a small snack bar will save your employees from making a trip down your building and around the corner to the local coffee shop.

Show compassion – remember that your employees are humans. They need rest too. Do not be overly demanding in terms of work hours, sick days, and vacations. This does not, in any way, increase productivity. It is a given that you have to observe standards in terms of number of sick days and vacation leaves, lest some employees take advantage of these to slack off. Give your employees room to live their lives outside of the workplace. A good work-life balance has been proven to result in better productivity and more motivated employees.

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Spread the love

Thank You for Loving Me

I am lucky for having good in-laws. Though my Mom-in-law and I were not very close, I haven’t had any problem with her. She treated and loved me as her own. I know that only few are very lucky to be in good terms with their mother-in-law. What’s my secret? I took her criticisms and suggestions positively and thank her for her concern. And though I can decide for myself, I sometimes ask for her inputs just to show that she is also important to me. It is because I know how hard it would be to have clashes with in-laws. Hubby and RJ would be drawn in the conflict and be caught in the middle until they would be forced to choose sides and I don’t want that to happen. Though I must admit, it was very hard to please my MIL most especially when it comes to my cooking. She always have negative comments. MIL used to be a good cook and may be she can’t accept that I am better than her…just kidding.

These are just few of my MIL’s memories. Memories that we will cherish and left live on forever. We know that she is very proud of us and happy wherever she is now. Goodbye, Mama and thank you for loving me.

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Because He Loves Me

Six out of ten men hate household chores. I am thankful that my husband is not one of those six. He takes half of my workload most of the time. He washes the dishes, helps me with the laundry, scrub the tiles and doesn’t mind cleaning the toilet. But if there is one thing that he hates so much, it is plumbing job When I asked him to replace our sinks with stainless steel undermount sinks, he said he cannot do it without even trying first. I cannot blame him though because plumbing jobs are not easy. They require skills and patience (my husband doesn’t have much of it). I did not criticize him because I understand that it is not his line of work.

My husband may now know everything but still I am lucky for having him. I never have to ask him to help me with the chores. He just knows when I need his help. When I asked him how he does that, he just said he knows my every need because he loves me.

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Love Makes Us Bigger Each day

Love Gets Us Bigger

It was summer last year when this picture was taken. I was a little voluptuous here. Noticed that hiding bulge on my tummy area? That bulge is tripled now. Would you believe that the shorts and shirt I am wearing here doesn’t fit me anymore? That means I am bigger now…my waist, hips, thighs, everything! I am currently taking slimming tea but seem like it does not make any difference. Do you think I need to read oxyelite pro reviews yet? I know I should exercise and diet instead but I am too lazy to observe daily routines.

What makes us bigger everyday by the way? It’s LOVE! I have read that a woman and a man who are in a loving relationship are putting more weight than single persons. This is somewhat true in our case because hubby and I gained so much weight since we first met. His waist line then was only 32 inches, now it’s 36. My waist line then was 26 inches, now it is 30. We both love to eat and indulging on restaurants became more fun and exciting since we were together. Not to mention the wines and spirits that make the evenings more romantic. And yes, we are both lazy to exercise because we both love to kill the time by just being couch potatoes…watching DVD movies together while cuddling.

It’s definitely our love for each other that makes us bigger each day.

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Enough Love

Since this is the last week of the love month, we are asked to share what we are willing to do for our loved ones. When I asked myself, a bad incident from my past flashed my mind again. What am I willing to do in the name of love? I can sacrifice my life for the one I love. I am sure of that because I have done it once. I am not proud of what I did though and it is the stupidest thing I did in my entire life. But when you love the person very much, you can do the unexpected even if sometimes it means crossing the line. So for Rhonnel and RJ, I can take a bullet or an arrow for them literally as I am sure they would for me. But it does not need to happen just to prove how far I can go for them. They already know what I can do for them and willing to do any time, everyday.

For my dearest RJ:
?I am more than willing to be her teacher forever. I will not get tired answering her questions even if it is about love and having crush. (she is just eight but she is asking too much questions about those things)
?I will always help her with her projects even if it means sacrificing my “me” time.
?I will always prepare her favorite foods even if it means bugging me on my blogging.
?I will laugh, sing and dance with her until I get old and get hoarse voice and weak knees.
?I will always be her best friend though she keeps on reiterating that her best friends are Czarina and Jhanelle. (jealous Mom here…sob…sob)
?I will always be her mentor, confidante, shock absorber.

For Rhonnel:
?I will always be his secretary who will never get tired updating his cash book in the office.
?I am happy to let him go sometimes and have the boys’ night out with the 6G’s.
?I will always listen to his rants and sentiments in the office.
?I will massage his back, prepare his favorite meals, watch movies and learn so many things with him.
?I will always be the most understanding, open-minded, caring, loving wife.
? I will always be his number one fan.

I want to share with you a beautiful short poem from Emmet Fox.

There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer;
no disease that enough love will not heal;
no door that enough love will not open;
no gulf that enough love will not bridge;
no wall that enough love will not throw down;
no sin that enough love will not redeem…
It makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble;
how hopeless the outlook; how muddled the tangle; how great the mistake.
A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all.
If only you could love enough you would be
the happiest and most powerful being in the world…
~Emmet Fox~

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