To Our Dear RJ

To Our Dearest RJ,

Last week when you asked us why you have to change your surname when you get married, we smiled and answered you truthfully. Deep inside, we were afraid. Afraid not to be able to play badminton with you anymore; afraid not to be able to push you while you sit on a swing anymore; afraid not to be able to kiss your armpits anymore after playing outside and afraid that you will have your own circle of friends and you won’t have time for us anymore. But eventually, we have to let you go. We thank the Lord that you are growing up healthy, intelligent and enjoying life to the fullest and we are here to support you in every way we can as long as the Lord gives us strength. We will be your best friends to share life’s pain and happiness and you can count on us in everything you do. We love you very much kulasa. Life is indeed a cycle. We started as a couple, God gave you to us and eventually, we’ll end up again as a couple. But, right now, we are enjoying every minute of being with you and no one’s stopping us as we shower you with care, love and values so that you may apply it in life’s cycle.

You are the reason why we are working hard. You are the reason why we are breathing. You are the reason for our happiness. You are everything to us. We love you very much baby and we are praying that may the Lord guide you as you remain pure and simple in His eyes today and always.


Daddy and Mommy

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