Go for Gold: Luxury Mobile Phone Flagships Get the Gold Treatment

Technology just keeps on getting better and the mobile phone has become more than just a device for calling or texting. The best mobile phone models from the world’s best brands are known for their multi-function convenience. These phones have likewise become a symbol of luxury and style. Recently, a number of the best mobile phone brands have launched their own luxury mobile phone models for that look of exclusivity and elegance.

HTC one gold

Image Credit: thenextweb.com

The HTC One gets an upgrade and is touted as the luxury mobile phone of choice from this Taiwanese handset maker. This particular model is considered to be a close contender to Apple’s iPhone, perhaps even closer than Samsung’s Galaxy line. The gold model follows the colors already in the market which are black, blue, red, and silver. The HTC One runs on a Snapdragon processor and boasts of RAM and software that’s poised for functionality.

The HTC is not the only phone to offer such luxurious look, feel, and functions. In fact, Apple launched its iPhone 5s in gold even before HTC came out with theirs. The latest flagship phone of Apple also comes in sleek graphite and space grey. It still offers that “exclusivity” of the apps only available at the Apple iStore. Following Apple’s move to go for gold, Samsung also came out with its own gold smart phone with its limited edition Galaxy SIV.

For those who wish to take their luxury mobile phone up a notch, there are retailers and jewellers that can provide mobile phone cases in real gold. Phone owners can even choose to have their cases bedazzled with gems.

More important than the gold case of these phones, however, what’s inside should be considered in deciding on which among these gold luxury phones to purchase. The processor, the apps, and the hardware are some of the things that consumers should look closely into. It’s easy to get blinded by the look of gold. Even if they have all the money to afford the high price tags of these luxury phones, wise consumers should be wise enough to consider factors other than the color of the case.

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