Stressed and Exhausted

Last Saturday, we woke up with no internet connection. The other day, we woke up with no water supply then yesterday we woke up with a letter from our subdivision developer that he is denying the advance tapping of Manila Water on our existing pipelines.

According to our developer’s letter, for us to use our existing lines for Manila Water tapping, it should be decided by their Board of Directors and that a corresponding board resolution shall be issued to this effect. So why did they not tell it to us beforehand? Why did they give us permission then now that we are hoping that we could use a clean water by September 1 they are denying it? They just wanted us to wait for the project to be completed until we can interconnect with the Manila Water’s main water system. That means 3 more months of using their rusty water. We can’t drink or can’t even use it for cooking because it’s non-potable. Our bathroom tiles have rusty spots. Our white clothes are now ecru. Most children in our place are having skin rashes and RJ is one of them. It’s our right to use clean water but this developer is sooo greedy. He’s earning big amount of money from his non-potable rusty water but can he bring his wealth to hell when he dies? Haaay!

Hope no more bad mornings and bad news. I don’t think I could stand another one. This is not just a busy week but also a stressful one. I am very much exhausted and drained. I feel like 10 years has added to my age. I think I need a looooong vacation after this project. God help us!
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Will Have Fair Complexion Again..Yehey!

Yehey! The excavation for Manila Water installation in our subdivision will start today. Yes folks, we are still one of those using deep well. That’s why my complexion is not as fair as before. If you’re using deep well for years, your skin will be tanned. Now, all those “pampaputi” products like papaya, gluta and placenta will be more effective. lol!

This is one of the reasons why I am like a mushroom, popping in and out of the blogosphere. I am our Homeowners’ Association secretary and I am in charge of all those paper works, Manila Water application forms, order of payments, information dissemination, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I am not into politics. That is what I hate being a homeowner officer, we have to deal with these politicians sometimes, especially now that the election is near. This is the best time to approach them and ask for the things we need for the improvement of our place. During this time, they will give what we ask for. After the election, I bet we cannot see them anymore. The secretary will say they are busy, or in a meeting or not in the office.

Yesterday was a hectic day. I attended 2 meetings and did a transcript. Today, I will type the new board resolution and notice for our general assembly tomorrow. Haaay! The Manila Water project will last for 90 days and my term will end on December. Only few months to go. Yehey! After this, I can spend more time blogging and blog hopping. For those who tagged me and gave me awards, sorry but I can’t do it at the moment guys. But I promise to do it as soon as I have the time. Thanks for always visiting my sites. I really appreciate that.

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