Growing Up Way Too Quickly

Sometime last week I remember RJ told me that she will grow her hair out again and will have it rebonded. Lol! She then also asked me to work on her toe nails and put little flowers as designs. Yesterday, I saw her browsing the net for fashionable womens boots. This morning, she was asking for some cloth because she wants to sew some little dresses. RJ is fashionable in her own way but her passion for fashion started when she saw Cecilia Cassini’s website, an eleven-year old fashion designer who started designing at the age of six. Am I sensing not just a future model but also a future fashion designer here?

Girl in Yellow

RJ is just eight years old but she already has her own wants and styles. She has opinion on what color will perfectly match this and that and picks out her own clothes and foot wears. I am glad that she has this innate ability to know what’s hip and cool when it comes to fashion but I also miss the days that I can dress her the way I want. Why do children are growing up way too quickly?

Yes, so much for the denials. RJ will be barely on her tween next year and whether we want it or not, she will grow unstoppable. So instead of manipulating her, it would be better if we will just give her free reign to choose what she wants to wear and support her on whatever she wants to do, but of course with our guidance. We just hope and pray that she continues the values that we instilled in her and that she may grow up a fine young lady.

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Chic Poses for Mommy

RJ loves to pretend that she is a model. She loves to emote and pose. She sometimes took her own pictures. There are also times she is looking at herself in the mirror while pretending she is taking her steps on the catwalk. Last week, I bought this weaved hat on the beach. She put it on and made some chic poses. She’s gorgeous!

chic poses

Pretending to be someone else is normal part of kids’ growing up. By doing so, they can not just play but they can also explore their creativity and discover the things they really want to do or become in the future. Who knows, we might see RJ on the catwalk or magazines someday.


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Photographer and Model in One

Children grow and change very quickly that is why it is important to document and take pictures of their milestones. We started taking RJs pictures right after she was delivered from the incision in my tummy, unwashed and bloody, yet so precious in my eyes. From then on, we took her pictures, detailing and recording those moments that matter in her amazing development. Now that she knows how to use the camera, she loves taking her own pictures. Presenting…our photographer and model in one.

She’s pretty, isn’t she? Just do not mind the nose. She definitely did not get it from me. Lol! But I love her beautiful eyes and her caramel skin. It’s smooth and silky as if she is using nanocleanse. And her lips are naturally full that complements the shape of her face.

As they say, photographer is the model’s eye because the model does not know exactly how she looks. But with these shots, RJ seems to know how she looks and what to do. She emotes, poses and practice her smile before clicking the camera and the results are just beautiful.

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Model Look Alike in Pink

“Are you the girl in Coca-Cola commercial”? We heard this question thrice on the day she is wearing this pink polo shirt. They were referring to the Coke TV commercial where the girl has separated parents but she is asking her father to stay because it is Christmas eve.

This photo was taken three years ago.

Are they really look alike? Well, look alike or not, hubby and I were very proud that time. It only means one thing…our little girl can be a model.

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