Happy Birthday, Nanay!

It’s my Mom’s birthday today. We celebrated it in advance (last Sunday) because my siblings need to go to work today. It was just a simple celebration. We had kare-kare, shanghai, lomi and ice cream for lunch. But as always, we had fun. There’s never a dull moment with my siblings and cousins. Whenever we are together you can only hear “buskahan” (teasing) and laughter.
While we had our drinking spree, Nanay and Tatay enjoyed their moments with their grandchildren. It is only during these occasions that they got the chance to be with all of them.
I know, Nanay, I am always saying this but then again I want to reiterate that you are the best Mom and grandmother in the world. Happy, happy birthday and may our good Lord bless you with a thousand more moments with your grandchildren. We all love you!

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The Greatest Woman I Know

I could have made it a long way to other professions but I chose to be a full time mom because for me the world’s greatest profession is motherhood. It may be the most difficult but it is also the most fulfilling. My own mom is the one who inspires me.

I still remember the nights when we were sick, she sat up all night, wiping up barf and repeatedly saying, “It’s OK baby, Mommy’s here” and when I have sibling who kept on crying and did not stop, she was worried and walked around the house all night. She taught us how to tie shoelaces before we started school, read bedtime stories over and over again to make us fall asleep, sat down with us and explained all about the things around us, cooked our favorite foods, cut our hair and nails every week, make dozens of cookies for school teas, and make all our costumes for school programs. 

When we all grew up and were on our teens, she taught us to cook, sew, clean and do household chores. The reason why even my brothers are good cooks. She was worried about us when we did not go home on time and cried with us every time we got broken-hearted.

Even now that we have our own families, she’s always there for us. When I was rushed to the hospital, she stayed with us for three days, did the laundry, cooked and took care of my daughter. She’s helping us raising our children, reminded us to be strong, brave and honest.

This is the picture of my MOM with my daughter. Yesterday, we celebrated her 60th birthday. Happy birthday, Ma! May our good LORD bless you with good health and longer life. Thank you for always being there no matter what. Thanks to you and DAD for raising us, six children, as good and God-fearing persons.


You’re the truest friend we have, when trials, heavy and sudden, fall upon us and when adversity takes the place of prosperity. You are the greatest woman I know.

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