Mommy Blogger Shirt from Nuts

It’s only now that I got the chance to post and brag about Nora’s birthday gift to me…a black Mommy Blogger shirt. Weee!

black Mommy Blogger shirt

I love the shirt’s fit and because it’s black, I look slim in it. Black is really deceiving and many don’t believe that I’m the one wearing the shirt. 🙁 It’s because I am not as sexy in person and because I cropped the picture. I just woke up when I received the shirt then I immediately fit it. Who would want to show picture with uncombed hair?

Mommy BloggerNever mind the face. lol!

Nora or Nuts, the pretty and generous Mommy, is the author of Embrace Life and More Than Just a SAHM. I first met her together with other Mommy Bloggers on a get-together in Dad’s Megamall. I liked her the first time I saw her. She’s so friendly and always has a smile on her face. We seldom see each other and just met thrice yet we have this bonding. Who would have thought that I could find good friends online? That’s what I love on being a blogger, I gain friends of common interests and learn from their views and the challenges of their every day lives.

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