Monogrammed Coffee Sleeves (wrap-a-latte)

I am a coffee lover. There is something in coffee that makes me ask for more. I can consume 3 to four cups in a day. Whenever I am blogging, reading or watching TV, beside me is a cup of hot coffee. Every time we go to the mall and I see coffee dispensers, oh my, I can’t help myself from getting a cup. The hotter the coffee is, the better.

The good news is I got these 2 coffee sleeves for me and my husband. Coffee sleeve is used to wrap the cup of coffee so you can enjoy hot coffee without hurting your hand because it is thermally insulated. These 100% made in USA monogrammed coffee sleeves are available in Posy Lane. These are reusable and fit most 12, 16 and 20 oz coffee cups. Different swatches of coffee sleeves are available for specific example pattern. You can order in volume and select the right monogrammed coffee sleeves for corporate giveaways or for your personal use. Enjoy the hot drink while making a fashion and environmental statement about yourself. This is a good gift this Mother’s Day.

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