My Minilife

Are you familiar with My Minilife? This game is so addicting. Here you can buy lot by choosing from different plot size. Then you can start building your house or whatever you like to build. You can choose and buy items you need like appliances, people, animals, trees, rocks, lagoons, etc. You can earn money that you can use in buying items by exploring and visiting other members’ creations. When I discovered My Minilife 2 years ago, I was hooked in front of our computer 5 straight hours a day. I started building a house then later on I found out that building out of this world places is a lot more interesting. It was amazing how you can transform a plain green lot to different interesting places.

From a bare lot like this, you can create different interesting places or your dream house. Let your wild imaginations work. Here are the screen shots of some of my works.

Aliens in Outer Space


Gladiators and Knights

Too old to play? Adults can play too. It can help in releasing stress. All work and no play can make us dull so try playing sometimes, not only My Minilife but other games too. Have a great week everyone!
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