Name Tag

Miel tagged me. She gave me something to do and I’m excited to do this. Why?! This is my first tag (name tag).Post the different nicks you have and the people who call you by that nameā€¦*Butterfly – the people in my blog. Wala lang…feel ko lang tawaging butterfly.

*Rossel – my neighbors, relatives, friends. My aunt Cora gave me this nickname.

*Bunday – my sister and brothers. I call my sister Beneng and one of my brothers Kabise. Just for fun.

*Ate Luds – one of my classmates in college called me this. I looked like Ate Luds (Inday Badiday) daw. (Siya lang naman may sabi)

*Dinky – there was a time my siblings called me by this name because of my short highlighted hair. It looked like Dinky Soliman’s (DSWD secretary) hair daw.

*Mads – my co-officers Joan, Mae and Mabel. This is short for Kumadre. I am calling them Mads too kahit kami lang ni Mareng Joan ang magkumare.

*Rosalie – all of my teachers, my Dad pag galit. This is my real name. It is from a Latin word meaning “Rose”.

Thanks Miel for tagging me. Everyone is welcome to grab this tag.

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