Photographer and Model in One

Children grow and change very quickly that is why it is important to document and take pictures of their milestones. We started taking RJs pictures right after she was delivered from the incision in my tummy, unwashed and bloody, yet so precious in my eyes. From then on, we took her pictures, detailing and recording those moments that matter in her amazing development. Now that she knows how to use the camera, she loves taking her own pictures. Presenting…our photographer and model in one.

She’s pretty, isn’t she? Just do not mind the nose. She definitely did not get it from me. Lol! But I love her beautiful eyes and her caramel skin. It’s smooth and silky as if she is using nanocleanse. And her lips are naturally full that complements the shape of her face.

As they say, photographer is the model’s eye because the model does not know exactly how she looks. But with these shots, RJ seems to know how she looks and what to do. She emotes, poses and practice her smile before clicking the camera and the results are just beautiful.

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