Naughty Me

I saw this picture while I was cleaning one of our shelves. I saw our albums and I browsed my old pictures. This was taken when I was seven years old, Grade One at Karuhatan East Elementary School. Can you guess who I am among these kids?

Your guess is right. I am the girl in knee socks with looong bangs.

I do not know how I was able to see myself in the mirror with those bangs. lol! I cannot remember the names of the 2 girls beside me. What I remember is, that teacher of ours, Mrs. Manzo, twisted my ear because of my naughtiness. Before she headed for a meeting she asked us to finish copying what was written on the blackboard. While everyone was writing, the naughty me got a plastic bag and picked one by one all the trash and crumpled papers on the floor together with my 2 other classmates. When Mrs. Manzo came back in the room and asked if we’re done, the three of us answered “no”. When she saw that nothing were written on our notebooks, she told us to stand in front then she twisted our ears. If I remember it right, we were standing there for about 30 minutes. That was one of my unforgettable experiences.


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