2011 Resolution-Work Harder and Save

Last holiday season, we were so busy but we had so much fun. It was fun being with my family and friends. I realized what I missed. So this year, I will make sure to have more time with my family, not just hubby and RJ but also my parents and siblings. Maybe you are wondering how I would do that with my only new years resolution and that is “working harder” which means exerting more effort and be more serious on blogging (posting, blog hopping, joining the weekly memes, finishing tasks on time). By working harder, everything will follow.  Hard work equals more moolah, more moolah equals vacations and vacation equals more bonding time with my loved ones.

I cannot count how many times Rhonnel and I planned out of town vacations but none of them materialized because of financial constraints. The last time we had an out of town vacation was four years ago. There were times I told myself “I could have done better and saved”. Well, there is no use crying over spilled so it is time to move on, get serious in  making those plans happen…and the solution would be work harder and save. For the meantime, I will try to finish my tasks earlier so that 6pm onwards would be my family’s bonding time.

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My Only Resolution

For this year, the only resolution I have is the work resolution. I am not promising anything but I will try my best to work harder. In fact I am infront of my pc and keying letters on my keyboard for hours now. It is about time to be more serious with my blogging career (if there is any, lol!) Now that this site is PR3, I am more inspired to share my thoughts and of course learn from my friends in blogosphere so expect me on your sites starting next week.

Last December, there were tasks that got expired, memes that I forgot, and friends site that I was not able to visit . I have been a lousy blogger I know. So to start with, I now have a planner for the memes and posts. I will jot down as well those ideas and events before they skip my mind. Sometimes, I got this selective amnesia, ehehe. I tend to forget things and worst I cannot recall them.

If you notice, I got a new header (designed by me), a Mom juggling. That would be me in the next days, weeks and months. I will try to balance everything from now on. That means less Facebook, Mom’s tasks in the morning, blogger from lunch ’til afternoon and RJs teacher in the evening. Oh wait, where is the “me” time? Well, I should have that “me” time once a month (keeping my fingers crossed).

A very busy 2011 for me, huh? How about you, what is your work resolution? Care to share?

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New Year’s Resolution

It’s a new year. This means new hope and new beginning. We should start things on the right track. It’s not a good start for my site though. I am now page rank 2. I got so busy this holiday season that I was not paying much attention on my site and had no time to blog hop. I need to bug Mr. Google again and ask for reconsideration. It’s sad because I am aiming for page rank 4 as one of my New Year’s resolution.

New year’s resolution means negate the mistakes of the past and move on towards the greater achievements of the future. We should learn from the missteps of the past and use them to better ourselves this year. I have few New Years resolution and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can fulfill them all.

First, the page rank 4 for this site. This means improving my posts, more blog hopping, and spending more time in front of my PC. Quite challenging, huh!

Secondly, to spend more time with the people that mean a lot to me, family and friends. I can always rely on them no matter what happens. They are always here for me in all of my triumphs and defeats and I am guilty of neglecting them at times.

Third, I am hoping to help more people this year, involve myself in charity works and volunteering. Typhoon Ondoy opened my eyes. It feels good to help others. Each of us have something to offer that no one else can. I want to contribute some of my time and other things that I can to aid the needy and the helpless. Let’s not forget that conquest and triumph without contribution is meaningless.

Last but not the least, I want to totally get rid of plastic bags out of my life starting this year. It’s a common packaging used here and it’s not good for our environment because it’s non-biodegradable. I have eco bags of different sizes that I seldom use. I will use them from now on. I want to help in saving this planet.

So help me God! I need Your love and blessings to fulfill my New Years resolutions for this year. Guide me and lead me to the right path.

Happy and Happy New Year everyone!

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