Thorough Cleaning and Reforming

I had a general cleaning of our house yesterday. It’s supposed to be before New Year but I was too busy then. Some people believe that giving the house a thorough cleaning before New Year means sweeping away the bad luck that have accumulated over the year. I cleaned the whole house not because I believe to that saying but because I want to start the year right…clean surroundings, healthy meal, happy family and productive me (work wise).

I threw old bills, consolidated notes, thin out our closet and book shelves then gave away some things that we don’t need anymore. I discarded almost everything old except for one thing…our wedding video tape. Yes it’s still in VHS tape that will be 13 years old this October. I asked hubby to have a cd duplication of the video. We should have done it long time ago, don’t you think?

Letting go of stuff this New Year does not only mean throwing away things. It can also mean throwing out bad habits and negative emotions. It’s not a commitment or New Year’s resolution but a way to reform yourself a bit.

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2011 Resolution-Work Harder and Save

Last holiday season, we were so busy but we had so much fun. It was fun being with my family and friends. I realized what I missed. So this year, I will make sure to have more time with my family, not just hubby and RJ but also my parents and siblings. Maybe you are wondering how I would do that with my only new years resolution and that is “working harder” which means exerting more effort and be more serious on blogging (posting, blog hopping, joining the weekly memes, finishing tasks on time). By working harder, everything will follow.  Hard work equals more moolah, more moolah equals vacations and vacation equals more bonding time with my loved ones.

I cannot count how many times Rhonnel and I planned out of town vacations but none of them materialized because of financial constraints. The last time we had an out of town vacation was four years ago. There were times I told myself “I could have done better and saved”. Well, there is no use crying over spilled so it is time to move on, get serious in  making those plans happen…and the solution would be work harder and save. For the meantime, I will try to finish my tasks earlier so that 6pm onwards would be my family’s bonding time.

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No More Promises This 2011

I am back after almost 3 weeks of hiatus from blogging. My daughter RJ had her 3 weeks school break and Rhonnel had her 2 weeks vacation leave. I took advantage of that and spent most of my time with them this past holiday season. The three of us really had great times together and I am beginning to miss that now that Rhonnel is back in the office and much more tomorrow I think for RJ will be back to school. I will be alone again for 6 hours, 5 days in a week, starting tomorrow, the loneliest moments in my life.

So what’s up for me this 2011? The truth is I do not have any plans though I have new years’ resolution and that is to work harder to help my family and my in-laws and to buy myself a DSLR. I do not want to make any promises about changing some of my attitudes or traits as they mostly remain as promises. So no more promises this 2011 except for working harder which I know a certified workaholic like me can do with flying colors. Lol!

Now that I am back, expect more of me in the blogniverse and Facebook as well. I will try my best not to miss any task and meme. I will start this year right but as I have just said, no more promises. Happy New Year everyone!

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