My Good Offline Friends

Being snobbish is always other people’s first impression of me. But I am not snob. I am just homebody that is why I seldom go out. I know all my neighbors though and I am close to few of them. But when I became a secretary of our homeowners association, I got close to these good people who were my co-officers. We were together almost everyday because of the meetings and community activities. These are my offline friends and my “kainuman”.
 We see to it that we have this bonding once in a while even without occasion.
Taken during the blessing of our new office. We faced 
many intrigues during our term that made us to be even closer.

Turn-over ceremony. Free at last from responsibilities.

Though my being secretary for than a year added wrinkles on my forehead, I am still grateful for I met these friends who are just few steps away.

How about you, who are your offline friends? Share it with us at…

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