One More Chance

one more chance
 My Rating: 7/10
“You had me at my best; she loved me at my worst”
That is the famous line from One More Chance, the only Filipino romantic film that made its way to my heart. I so love this movie and I will not get tired of watching it over and over. I am not a fan of Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz, the two main actors in this movie, but I love the story so much and how John Lloyd and Bea portrayed their roles as Popoy and Basha.

Popoy and Basha have been together all their lives. Their love story started when they met as students in the university. Their families loved them, they shared friends, they eventually worked in the same firm and their life plans revolved around each other. There is no Popoy without a Basha and vice versa. They were certain that they will get married someday and build a home together. Everything seems perfect. At least that’s what Popoy thinks. But all the planning and dreaming eventually took a toll on Basha. Past issues and current controversies suddenly become the main fare in what would have been a routine lunch date. In their first major fight in over five years, Popoy and Basha begin their heart-rending struggle whether to hold on or to move on. (source: yahoo!movies)

Kudos to its writers Vanessa Valdez and Carmi Raymundo  and to its director Cathy Garcia-Molina. I hope Filipino film makers could make more beautiful romantic movies like this that are worthwhile to watch.

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