Catholic Chat

On line chat also formally known as synchronous conferencing is a kind of communication over the internet. It is widely used around the globe now because of its accessibility and it is a lot cheaper compared to long distance or overseas calls. You can talk to your love ones and friends and if you have web cam, you can see them in real time. There are basic rules of on-line communication or what they call chatiquette. This was formed to avoid misunderstanding among users. This varies from culture to culture or community to community. But if you are chatting to the person who shared the same interests as yours, I think there will be no problem. For example if you are a Catholic, you can visit Live Catholic Chat where lots of Catholic people who are located all over the world, come together inside their chats and have lots of fun. This is a 100% free chat room. If you have webcam, you can show tons of people yourself on cam, while you can also check out their video cams. This is number one for Catholic chatting.

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Met In The Internet

Nine years ago a friend introduced me to a man she met in the chat room. He is a Filipino working in South Korea. I can’t believe it when she said that he is his boyfriend. I discouraged her because I didn’t believe that long distance relationship works especially if it’s with a stranger but it worked and they are happily married for 8 years blessed with a smart boy. Who would think that a choosy lady like her can meet her soul mate in the chat room?

I was wrong all the while. I have proven that it is not impossible to meet and marry someone you met in the internet. If you are looking for a friend or someone who has same interests as you, you can visit different websites like the BBW chat city, a website that gives people interested in BBW a place to meet and chat. You can meet other BBW singles in this 100% free web cam chat room. All you have to do is sign up. Who knows you can meet also your soul mate and forever partner in life in BBW chat city?

Tomorrow my friend and her husband will be celebrating their 8th wedding anniversary. Their marriage is a fruit of the wonders of internet. Congratulations to both of them. May they live happily forever.

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