Her Love for Music

Our daughter is musically inclined. Picking up the songs tunes and memorizing the lyrics comes easy for her. It is also easy for her to grasp and learn musical instruments. When my cousin taught her to beatbox, she learned easily.


When RJ was still a baby she already showed interest in music. She shakes whenever she hears a beat. She still does now and she is singing all day…well almost. When she was 5 years old, she asked for an organ. Hubby and I gave it to her as our Christmas gift.

music lover

On her 9th birthday, she asked for a guitar. Because we want to support her enthusiasm and love for music, we bought her a pink guitar.

pink guitar

Just yesterday, she said she wants a drum set and electric guitar with on board tuner just like what my bother is using. We want to stimulate her interest in music but we do not want a band here in the house. 🙂

Sometimes the sound of her musical instruments is pissing me off most especially when I am blogging and needs to concentrate but still we are thankful that she is so talented.

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