Organic Gardening

I want healthy food for my family, not just nutritious but also food that are safer, purer and more natural. However, organic food cost a little bit extra thus I started my own organic garden. My veggies are planted on pots because we don’t have extra space here at home. At first my only goal was to give my family good food to eat. I didn’t know that it would also be a hobby for me.

my Chinese cabbage after one week

my Chinese cabbage after two weeks

my Chinese cabbage now on its 3rd week

Growing plants from seed is very rewarding. Nurturing them from the very beginning and watching them grow gives me a special sense of delight.  Though I must admit organic plants need healthy amount of care  which means extra time and effort. Aside from the usual gardening tasks like watering, staking and yanking the weeds,  you need to have composters to make your own natural healthy soil to keep your vegetables pure and natural. You also need to make your own organic pesticides.

Organic gardening may sound daunting and complicated but believe me, if you will use the right tools and do some research,  everything would be easy.

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Organic Vegetables in Pots

Having a vegetable garden was one of my frustrations. It would be nice if my family will have home-grown organic vegetables on our table but what we bought is a row house that has no free space for gardening so I ended up planting ornamental plants in pots.

I was watching a home and living show one day when the show featured container gardening. The show gave me an idea. Why not? There are dwarf varieties of fast-growing vegetables that can be planted and adapt well in pots. So the next day, I removed all my ornamental plants and planted vegetables instead.

I have cucumber and bitter gourd. I can’t wait to see them climb on our terrace’s grills. I also have tomato, onion, ginger, jute plant (saluyot), cayenne (labuyo) and the fragrant screw pine (pandan). I am planning to plant mustards and eggplant but I am still looking for good seeds.

jute plant


I did some research as well and found out that pasted mixed cayenne, garlic and onion is the best organic pesticide. I will try that and will do another blog post if it is effective or not.

In just a few months or maybe weeks the fruits of these organic vegetables in pots will add color not just in front of our house but most especially on our table. We are so excited to harvest and taste the first fruits.

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