Common Causes for a Pest invasion at your Workplace

Pest invasions are not only a potential problem in the home, but also in the workplace. Office buildings and work premises often offer rodents and other pests, water and food sources, as well as shelter. The presence of rodents in the workplace is particularly dangerous due to their tendency to spread viruses and parasites. Having people working in close proximity with these risks endangers the health of all staff members.

Many office workers will often snack on the go, or eat food at their computers or desks. This means more crumbs, attracting more pests.

Many office workers will often snack on the go,
or eat food at their computers or desks. This
means more crumbs, attracting more pests.

Food Sources

Workplaces are often a great source of food for pests, as most work premises contain kitchens or other food preparation areas used by staff members. With so many people using these facilities every week, crumbs and food particles quickly build up in these areas. Many people also store non-refrigerated items in the cupboards or drawers of the work kitchen, which if not sealed properly, will attract pests. In addition to this, many office workers will often snack on the go, or eat food at their computers or desks. This means more crumbs, attracting more pests. Workplaces that are surrounded by fruit trees or bushes are also known to attract pests.

Water Sources

Water is also a great attraction to pests. All pests require water to survive, and rodents and ants are drawn to bodies of water, especially of they occur near food sources. This means leaking taps, sinks and pipes (both indoors and outdoors) as well as bird feeders and birdbaths, can attract unwanted pests. Leaving water in the sink or in glasses or bowls can also attract pests.


Pests and particularly rodents, like to hide from view where it is quite and dark. Office buildings are wrought with cracks, openings, utility entries, pipes and ventilation ducts which provide perfect shelter for rodents. If cracks are not filled with concrete, mortar, steel wool or metal flashing, pest have a direct route into the building. It is also important to be aware of your outdoor workplace environment Shrubs and foliage bordering the building, tree limbs over hanging the building, and vines hanging off the building, also offer pests another method of entry if not properly pruned and cut back. Outdoors storage sheds that are not mounted on concrete slabs may also encourage rodents to tunnel and use the shed as shelter.

Common signs of rodents include, spotting rats or mice, especially in the early hours of the morning or late at night. Other signs may include spotting rodent droppings around the workplace, especially in kitchens or food preparation areas and on attics and wall beams. There may also be evidence of food packaging being nibbled or gnawed within bins, cupboards, and drawers. Ants are usually reasonably easy to spot, appearing as long marching lines that lead to and from water or food sources. If you have found evidence of rodents or other pests at your workplace, contact

By Grace Patterson

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Top 5 Scariest Jobs in the World

by: Natalie Brown

There are some jobs that are so scary that there are only a few people who feel able to do them. These jobs require a certain amount of skill or put the person in danger while they are doing it, which means that they will often be paid a lot more money than if they were doing other jobs. Unfortunately, while not everyone wants to do the job, someone has to, and they are prepared to risk their life and limb to get the job done, no matter what.

Window cleaner

A window cleaner might sound like a pretty ordinary job but when you put it in the context of cleaning the windows of huge glass high rise buildings it looks a lot scarier. Window cleaners are usually put on a platform, sometimes hundreds of feet off the ground so that they can get to the outside of windows in buildings. Often the people who do this sort of job are trained climbers who enjoy the feeling of being suspended high above the ground. AMC Commercial Cleaning experts that do window cleaning are some of the most skilled at their job and need to be bold and fearless.

scariest jobs

Pest control

For people who do pest control, there are often loads of risks involved with getting into small gaps under buildings, on rooves and coming face to face with different types of creepy crawlies. They often will be asked to remove venomous animals from dwellings and when they go to a job there is no telling what they may come across in the line of duty.

Police swat team

Being a member of a police swat team means that they are put into situations that would make most people run away in fear. Often swat teams are put into the line of gunfire, or are needed to remove violent criminals from causing harm to others. The risks involved as a member of a police swat team make this one of the scariest jobs in the world.

Forensic entomologist

A forensic entomologist is the person who needs to examine insects found on a dead body to determine cause of/and time of death. Their job involves getting up close and personal with the dead, and often by the time an insect has been on a dead body it is usually in a pretty horrible state. Often the insects are actually feeding on the flesh of the body which would make most peoples stomach turn if they had to get so close, but for these people, its business as usual.

Stock market

A job working on the stock market might seem like a pretty exciting, and glamorous job, according to the movies about it but in reality it is one of the scariest jobs in the world. While it is not scary in the sense of being put into dangerous situations, or coming face to face with deadly animals, or people, the pressure of responsibility makes this one of the scariest jobs in the world. This job is not for the feint hearted!

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