The Best Companion You Could Ever Have

Rj is reiterating that she wanted a pet dog, a poodle to be exact. How I wish we could have one, but we cannot have any other pets other than fish and our one bird. Animals with furs and feathers can trigger my allergies and asthma attacks. Living in a confined small house, I will inhale all the furs for sure.

A pet is the best companion one could ever have, most especially dogs, next of course to your family. They are good shock absorbers because they could sit beside you and listen to all your problems and worries without complaining. Seriously, pet serves people’s need to love, cherish and fight boredom. It feels good if after a hard day’s work you have a pet that jumps over you and licks your face just like saying “I miss you”.

However, keeping a pet could require lot of your attention, time and money for their food and supplies. Not to mention the medicines once they get sick. But like any other products and services, you can get discounts too for your PetCareRx if you do not want to be hit with the incredibly high prices of pet medication. Coupon codes and discounts are available on the web. All you have to do is browse.

There are things to consider before buying a pet such as your lifestyle, your need, the time you are willing to give and the amount you are willing to spend each month. It is fun and interesting to have a pet in your home but you should think twice before getting one.

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