Shameful General

A couple of days ago, an embarrasing scene was played on tv when a flip
general was carried on someone else shoulder so he wouldnt get wet when
he stepped on a banka boat . The american officer on the other hand waded
on the water and stepped on the banka without any help. See the
symbolism on why the Philippines has problems ?

I think the Filipino General should be fired. How could he win the war
against the Abu Sayaf? Eh, tubig lang takot na siya. Nakakahiya!!
Lalong nakakahiya doon sa Kano na kasunod niya.
he he he he he he he he
Send this to all your friends and hopefully this will circulate back to the
Philippines para mapahiya itong General na ito.

This email about Brig. Gen Marciano Ilagan is circulating now. The Air Force officials explained it as accepting a genuine Filipino hospitality. They said that the piggyback thing was offered to all VIP’s present during the memorial service they have attended. Gen Ilagan was just unlucky that a picture was taken when he was on the back. When the offer was made to the American officer who is M/Sgt. Farris, he declined because he knew that he was very heavy.

I salute you M/Sgt. Farris!

Looks like Gen. Ilagan is heavy too. I think his weight is as twice as that of the boater. I am proud that Filipinos are very hospitable. It’s not a good excuse though for this picture.

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