Your Tool for the 2010 Elections

The other day while hubby and I were on bed, we were talking about the 2010 political candidates. We were weighing things and recalling the achievements of each one of them. The country is sinking economically and morally. We need a leader with an iron-hand who is capable of uplifting the economic status of the country. But it’s hard to choose so we slept undecided.
The 2010 election is near and the ads of the presidentiables and other political candidates are everywhere. However, these ads can’t help us to choose the right leader for our country. Why? These ads are all positive because they are building up their candidates. The convictions of their relatives and friends can’t help us either. Of course, who would say anything negative about their candidates? They all wanted to win. It is hard to weigh things if it’s one-sided. We should hear the opinions of the candidates themselves about different issues and the opinions as well of the common citizens like us so I suggest you join political forums on 2010 elections.
I just signed up today at, the first socio-political networking site in the country. It serves as a venue for candidates and voters of Philippine 2010 elections to communicate with each other. This is in partnership with COMELEC, PPCRV and Youth Vote Philippines and operates under the network of Not only the profiles of the 2010 presidentiables are posted on the site but also their opinions on social and political issues like Labor and Employment, Infrastructure, Justice, Civil Rights, Economy and Commerce, and is a big help for voter’s education. It can help to educate the first time voters and encourage them to participate in the 2010 national elections. It allows voters to get up close and personal with presidential candidates and learn more about their principles, view and goals. You can even post questions and join the forum and let your voice be heard. In fact, I just posted a question to all the presidentiables which will be answered in 24 hours. I can’t wait for their answers. It will help me decide whom I am going to vote for.

But may I remind you that this will just serve as your guide to know and learn more about the candidates of the Philippine 2010 elections. As a voter, choose wisely and hear only your conviction and not the conviction of anyone else.

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