Do I Need to Wear Prescription Glasses

I have been experiencing dizziness these past days. There are also times that I have blurry visions and somewhat electrical storms in my head. I am wondering if these are symptoms of eye problem. As much as possible I do not want to wear prescription glasses but with my job, which is blogging, I am in front of the computer the whole day everyday, it is not impossible to have poor eyesight.

Some experts say that difficulty focusing on objects that are close often becomes noticeable in our early to mid 40s. Hmmm…I will be forty in just a few months.  This might be the reason too. To be sure, I should consult an optometrist for an overall medical check-up and evaluation of my eyes.

I do not want to wear eyeglasses or contact lens but I cannot do anything if I have to. Waaah!

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