Perfect Time Killer

There are many great inventors and inventions. These inventions impact our lives in very large ways. Some inventions make our lives easier while others add to life’s complexity. But what call my attention the most are the practical inventions that mainly has made life easier for the people like the luggage trolley with built in scooters, remote controlled appliances, automatic kitchen gadgets, sensor faucets and toilet flush, dual flush toilet, etc. Why? Because I am a stay at home mom and these things are my house helpers.
There are also things that were invented mainly to entertain. One of them is the potty putter. As you can see men spend much time in the toilet seat. Some even bring newspapers or magazines to kill the time so as not to get bored. The potty putter is a perfect time killer while pooping and a great idea also working on your putting. It combined two things men love to do.

Potty putter can be a perfect gift for golfers and for those that take their time inside the comfort room. Well, my husband is not playing golf but I am sure he will love this one as he is one of those spending much time in the toilet seat. I can’t wait to give him this potty putter.

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