Cheap Ink for Your Printer

Computer is my everyday partner. I use it in my blogging and in my business. This is where I earn dollars and this is what I use in making receipts for our dealers. So I can’t ignore even a small computer problem and I cannot take the risk of buying second hand parts. I prefer buying all original and brand news parts.  And because maintaining my computer is a little bit expensive, I cut expenses on other office supplies like carbonized papers and printer inks. I am saving a lot by using unbranded papers and buying cheap ink like the remanufactured cartridges. Remanufactured cartridges are just as good as the original manufacturers at half the price. With these cartridges you will have the possibility to continue printing with great results and save big bucks at the same time.

What good is you can now order cheap printer ink cartridges that are ISO9001 certified from leading online seller. These inks are manufactured or remanufactured to ensure the highest level of print quality. Plus you will be helping the environment because the cartridge will not end up in the landfill and pile up on wastes. For detailed purchasing and other technical specifications, you may visit


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Simple Printer Maintenance

I am experiencing printer problem from time to time. I am using the printer for the receipts so a day with a printer not working properly is a hell because the dealers keep on texting and prompting me with their receipts. The most common problem I encounter is the paper jams but then there were times that the printer is not printing at all. I am using the printer for 7 years so I finally learned to trouble shoot and maintain it.I am cleaning the rubber rollers with a common household alcohol. Rubber rollers collect paper particles in time. If they are unclean they will spin on the paper or will likely misfeed resulting to paper jam.

The printhead needs to be always clean to able to move freely. A paper trapped can hinder the movement of the printhead and a clogged printhead may result to prints that are too light, too spotty, or have horizontal lines. I always check and clean the print head.

I usually detect the ink cartridge and toner cartridge problem with a blinking or a non green indicator lamp. If the ink cartridge is empty, I changed the cartridge with an original one. I tried a refilled cartridge but it didn’t give my money’s worth. So if your printer is Canon, use new Canon Printer Ink Cartridges. The same applies with the other brands.

I am cleaning the printer twice a month. I don’t have a blower so I loosen first the dust and other particles with a soft brush then use the vacuum in cleaning it. If you have blower, the better.

This is for simple printer maintenance and paper jam problems only. For more complicated printer problems, have your printer checked by a repairman.

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