Eat Bulaga’s Plastic ni Juan

RJ went home the other day with these “SOS” (sandata on sakuna), whistle and flash led, from Eat Bulaga. Eat Bulaga has this project “Plastic ni Juan” wherein the Filipinos are encouraged to collect plastic bottles in exchange of the “SOS”. These plastic bottles will be recycled to plastic chairs and will be donated to public schools. It’s the best way not only to eliminate plastics from the garbage and landfills but also to provide mono block chairs to public schools.

We all know that aside from the lack of teachers, lack of textbooks and chairs remain the perennial problems of public schools. It’s because the budget in education cannot sustain the growing numbers of students each year. And this initiative from Eat Bulaga, with our cooperation of course, is so impressive. It could help thousands of Filipino students to have sturdy and comfortable chairs in school while diminishing the plastics that are circulating and clog on drainages.

Eat Bulaga by the way, is a longest running noontime variety show in the Philippines. It’s now on it’s 33rd year and already helped many Filipinos. If you want to have the above SOS gadgets or simply help, don’t throw your plastic bottles for thousands of students need them.

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Problems In Public Schools

It is enrollment time again. May is the enrollment month here in the Philippines. Classes in public schools will start on June 1 and June 8 on private schools. This is the school where we enrolled our daughter for her second grade. It’s a big school, catering pre-school to college, with good facilities. Trees are surrounding the whole campus and there are cottages where the students can stay during their breaktime. We’re glad that there’s no tuition fee increase this year though it still costs us my hubby’s whole 13th month pay plus a little from our savings just for the tuition fee down payment and books, uniform and other school supplies are excluded. It is quite a fortune sending our children in private school but we don’t mind because it is the only wealth we can give to our dear daughter…good quality education.


I have nothing against public schools because I am a graduate of public school, elementary and high school, but because of the problems and current situation of the public schools, we can’t afford to send our child there. During our time, the maximum student per classroom is 30. Nowadays, public schools in NCR and its suburbs have 70-100 students per classroom. Wow! The teacher must be very good to handle these number of students. In some schools, 2 classes are sharing in a classroom or having their classes on corridors or under the tree. There are also schools that divided their classes into 3 shifts, 3-4 hours per shift. I wonder if the students can learn in such short period. Comfort room is also a problem. Imagine a school of 500 students with just 1 comfort room to share with. Plus text books with wrong information and contents. (sigh!!!)

Lack of classrooms and good facilities in public schools is the same problem the Department of Education is facing every year for years now and yet the government can’t resolve this. The government must give priority and big budget to education. We are paying taxes and yet our children can’t have affordable quality education. 

Why can’t YOU traditional politicians resolve important issues? Stop pulling down your political opponents. Just work hand in hand…will you? Please?!


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