Raining Yet Bright

Raining yet bright on the other side…Have you witnessed such? When I was a child it amazed me (until now I guess) when it’s sunny and bright on one side of our place yet only a few meters away it’s raining…just like this photo by my bestfriend Hazel.

image credit: Hazel Kampitan

It’s the Manila Sky where on the other side is dark and pouring while on the other side is clear. It’s the power of nature that my daughter RJ hasn’t witnessed yet. I am certain that RJ would be delighted to see such. Amazing, is it not?

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It’s Raining Again

Rhonnell is on leave today. Yehey! He promised to help me do our laundry. We were about to wash our clothes when it rained. Grrr! RJ sang, “Rain,rain go away. Come again another day. Mama will wash our clothes today.” Not effective but I still gave her a hug. She’s so thoughtful. She knows that this rain is pissing me off.

I know farmers need rain for their crops but not everyday please? It’s RJ’s exam until Saturday and I promised her that she can go outside and play after her exams. Hope the weather is good by then.

How are you my blogger friends? Hope it’s not raining in your place. Good day everyone!

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