Reading – The Thing We Love So Much

I am back to my normal self…well partly. I still have no time for regular beauty rituals but I am glad I found time to dig again into good mystery novels. Yes, I love blogging but reading will always be my first love. Since I was introduced to blogging, it made me less interested to read…my books were untouched and were feasted on by dusts for almost two years. But when my friend Rose Cotrill sent me a book, the lost passion hit me again while reading the said book. As they say, first love never dies. The reason why reading had once again (as it used to be) become part of my daily routine.

Hubby loves books too. He always has a book tucked in his bag that he reads while he is on his way to the office or anywhere else. That is why it is not surprising that our daughter RJ is a good reader. Just like us, she has this passion for reading most especially on books about Science and Geography. Whenever she sees books on siegel literature displays or shelves, she would browse the books excitedly and will not go home unless she has a book with her.


There are times you can see the three of us reading in our couch while munching on chips, each with our favorite book on hand…one of our best bonding moments. Others may think we are being lazy but we are not. We just want to spend a good part of our day doing things that we love so much…and that is reading.

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Develop Your Children’s Language Skills

I do not know how many books we have here in the house but tell you, we have tons of it, from children’s books to World War II history books.  Hubby and I love to read and I am glad that we have influenced our daughter. RJ loves books and reads a lot. She started to read and spell simple words at the age of three and now that she is eight years old, she is already a very good reader. She can even write stories and poems.

Reading is a very important skill so as parents, we should encourage our children to read. Why not shut off your television and computer for at least 30 minutes and have a family reading to help your children develop their language skills?

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Reading As a Hobby

One of my hobbies before I was hooked in front of the computer because of blogging, is reading. I love suspense detective stories and courtroom dramas. Two of my favorite authors are Sidney Sheldon and John Grisham and I sometimes read novels of Danielle Steel and Mary Higgins Clark.

As per my husband, reading is on his top list. You can see him with a book everywhere. He always has a book or pocketbook in his bag because he gets bored easily so he reads while on a vehicle, while waiting for someone, while on a queue, etc. He loves war stories and he is a die-hard fanatic of World War II books.

And because we want to inculcate a great habit to RJ like reading, we introduced her to books at an early age. Now, she loves to read as well and oftentimes receive books as gift. Result?
I got them out of the shelf to wipe them and I can’t believe that we have collected this many (encyclopedias not included). Just shows how addicted we are on reading. We maybe addicted to books but it’s the best addiction ever because reading is one of the best hobbies a person can have.
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