Guarantees, Warranties and Refunds

Everything that the consumers buy comes with a price and everyone deserves to have it functional and free of any defect or damages. As a consumer, you need to be aware of your rights when it comes to guarantees, warranties and refunds.

guarantees, warranties and refunds

If in any case you were able to see the sign “No Return, No Exchange” in a certain store, don’t be blinded and be aware that this is illegal.

Before buying anything, make sure to ask for the store’s policy on return and exchange. You have all the right to try their products and it is not a requirement to buy it after seeing that it works fine. Some stores will just allow testing if you promise to buy it and it should not be the case.

You need to take note of the following instances wherein you have all the rights to have your money back, a repair or an exchange.

1. What you ordered didn’t match the item that was delivered. Ex. You ordered a 21 inch LED TV but they delivered 14 inches.

2. The item didn’t live up to its purpose. Ex. You bought a diver’s watch but after your dive the watch was filled with water.

3. You were unaware of the fault when you purchased it. Ex. You bought a brand new fan but after a month, the motor stopped functioning and you later found out that it wasn’t brand new.

Contrary to the above situations, the following instances don’t make you eligible for claims:

1. You realized you don’t want the item anymore.

2. You discovered that some other stores are selling it for a cheaper price.

3. You found out that you can’t afford it.

4. You caused the damage of the item.

Take note of the following instances and make yourself aware. You’re the customer and you have all the right to obtain the best quality of product that you’re about to buy.

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