Reunion at the Funeral

My families, both on mother and father side, are organizing reunions once a year. It is fun to have this get-together once in a while but most of the time only few attend the organized reunions because everyone is busy flourishing their careers. I know it should not be this way but it seems like funeral is the best place for family reunion. Based on my observation, wakes and funerals are best attended by relatives than weddings and birthdays. It is sad that it is the only occasion that the families get together in complete count.

During the funeral
After the internment

When my Aunt died last week, I was able to see again family members and relatives whom I haven’t seen for a long time. Those who are living in different provinces came to express their sympathies. Those who are not in good terms gathered in spirit. I am glad that they came to share the pain, express their love for my Aunt and pay their last respect. But it would be happier if we can all gather in an organized reunion wherein we can enjoy and have fun and not during this emotionally overwhelming time.

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Friends I Can Count On

Time can bring a lot of changes but there is one thing I can always count on…friends who never stopped caring about me or wanting the best for me.

I’ll be meeting my two high school best friends tomorrow. I am so excited. I met Hazel two years ago when we had our batch reunion. Due to some reasons, Mylene wasn’t able to attend the reunion. We texted each other once in a while but haven’t seen each other since then. After 20 years, I’ll be seeing Mylene. Oh my! I am really excited. I wonder how she looks like. She’s months younger than me but her eldest is now in high school. I still remember, it was Hazel who first found out that she’s pregnant because she was eating unripe tamarind early in the morning.

When we transferred in Pasig, I haven’t seen my classmates since then except for Hazel of course who always find ways to meet me whenever she’s in the country. We have been through so much together in high school days. We attended parties together, shared secrets, and connived on some escapades. Awww, those were the days. For sure we’ll do lots of reminiscing tomorrow.

To you Hazel and Mylene, no matter what life brings our way, I won’t forget that I have two good friends who loves me and always there for me. See you guys tomorrow.

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