My Longest Road Trip

Our trip to Isabela, which took us 9 hours, was the longest road trip I had. We were all 15 in the van, including our driver, plus our traveling bags and other things, thus, we traveled on a jampacked van that caused us back pains and strains on the shoulders and nape.

Though it was a fun trip, I still wish to be in a motor home the next time we travel by land. Maintaining a motor home can be more expensive than maintaining a car or van, most especially when in need of a motor home repair, but there’s no more comfortable than traveling in a motor home; you can stretch, lie down and sleep comfortably while traveling not to mention the amenities that you can enjoy.

I hate sitting down for long straight hours but when we travel, I had no choice. So for now that we can’t afford even a secondhand motor home, I will just move my legs and feet, stretch the arms, do neck rolls and turn my body every few hours to avoid back pains and stiffness of muscles. What I don’t know is if I will still enjoy a road trip that is longer than 9 hours.

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