My Friends

I was inactive online for 2 weeks. I got busy with the general cleaning, RJ’s enrollment, and buying her school supplies. Because of that, I missed last week’s theme at Girl’s Talk, “Friends I met in School”. So to catch up, my entry today is a 2-in-1 post.

I had many friends in grade school but there were 2 girls that were very close to me, Hazel (my childhood friend and best friend until now) and Noreen. I featured Hazel last May 5 on Girl’s Talk as my childhood friend. As for Noreen, I haven’t seen her since college and had no contact with her until she found me in Facebook last week. We’re now friends again in FB and exchanging messages. She’s a registered nurse based in UK with her family. The sad thing is the three of us don’t have pictures together.

Like in grade school, I also got many friends in high school that I still have contacts until now. But Hazel and Mylene were the ones I can call my best friends. The last time we met was January this year. This was taken during our graduation day. We were so innocent and “Manang” here. lol! Sorry for the poor quality. Just dug this from my treasure box.

Hazel, Me and Mylene
Mylene, Hazel and Me after 22 years.

Below are my friends in college. Again, there are two girls who were very close to me, Joy (the one on the lower right) and Milex who died from cancer (not in the picture). Had no communication with Joy since we graduated from college. Wondering where she is now.

In the picture below are my friends at work. Yeah, I have many friends wherever I go but always have 2 closest friends. When I was still working in Pocketbell, my best friends, also became my Kumares, were Marie (the one beside me in blue shirt with number 58) and Pat (the one in white shirt with backpack). Until now, we are texting each other and meet whenever we have the time.

Sorry, the real picture is blurred too.

Until now, I have different circle of friends. Friends whom I can laugh with and whom I can count on.

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