I Love Seafoods

I love occasions with buffets. I can choose whatever food I want and I can help myself to as much food as I wish to eat, lol! My first choice always is sea foods especially prawns and crabs. I don’t know why. I just love them.

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I also love grilled fish, squids, scampi, mussels, scallops, etc. Many people are fussy about sea foods. For them sea food is limited to eating prawns. They don’t realize that sea foods give us many benefits.

•    Fish is your heart’s best friend.
•    One serving of fish two to three times per week keeps arthritis away.
•    Some varieties of seafoods were proven to strengthen the immune system.
•    Seafoods in pregnant woman’s diet make smart and healthy kids.
•    The fatty acids in fishes can alleviate the symptoms of depression.
•    Shellfish ensures healthy skin and eyes.
•    Children who eat oily fish may have lower risk of getting asthma.
•    Fish heaters have lower risks of getting cancer.
•    Fatty fish are best natural source of Vitamin D.
•    Essential fatty acids found in most seafood variety may reduce the development of Alzheimer’s disease. (souce)

How about you? Is your buffet choice as healthy as mine? Share it with us at…

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