Easier and Safer Moving

Moving to a new place is very common nowadays, either moving to a new house because of a new job to a different place or moving to a better home. It is fun and exciting but can be stressful too most especially if your new place is not as large as the old one you have. Most probably there are things that you can’t tag along with you but you can’t get rid of either because you are afraid that you might need them in the future. For that matter, you would wish to have a self storage wherein you can keep your things as long as you want yet can get them anytime they are needed.

self storage

This is just one of the ups and downs of moving out. However, there are lots of ways that can help make your moving out easier and safer. Below are just a few of them.

During your packing stage, make sure to label and number all your boxes so that inventory would be easier to manage. Most of the transfer services companies require a post transfer inventories but if it is not part of their deal, do not hesitate to insist of having one. Remember that you deserve quality and accurate service. After all, you are paying them accordingly. To avoid accidents, make sure to give instructions as clear as possible. You own the things that they are carrying so most probably you know how to handle and where to place them.

Avail services only from a reputable company; those transfer services that are being referred by your friends or someone reliable in your neighborhood as much as possible. Better yet, do some research beforehand and gather some positive feedback from their previous clients. See to it that their vehicles are equipped with safety gadgets that won’t destroy your fragile things. To ensure a safe transfer, you should accompany the vehicle or vehicles being used to carry your things.

Moving out is one of the most tiring activities and the existence of these transfer service companies is basically to lessen the burden. Make sure that they won’t add any amount of this burden to yourself.

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De-Clutter for a Much Bigger Space

girl holding a box

I took three days off from blogging last week to focus on my general cleaning. Both my husband and daughter were complaining that the house is too crowded yet. We live in this house that we thought is big enough for us the first time we bought it. But for 11 years of living here, furniture, appliances and other stuffs are being added every year, occupying every space there is. To de-clutter is the best solution for us to have enough space to walk on and so I did. So after three days of de-cluttering with the help of my mother, voila! The house looks bigger again, very clean and with good ventilation.

My husband and daughter loved it but I got a new problem now, where to store all the stuffs I put in the boxes. If only there is a near self-storage in our place, I will not need to worry because they can keep the boxes safely for me. My husband suggested a garage sale but I cannot let go of these things because of their sentimental values. Mostly are gifts on our wedding and objects that can be used on special occasions. Maybe I need another hanging cabinet installed in the laundry area as storage. 
If your space is at premium like ours, take a good look around your house and get ready to de-clutter for a much bigger space.
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