Make Extra Money with Your Old Baseball Cards

Even a small collection of sports cards can take up more space in your home than you might realize. Those old cards take up valuable space that you could use for your family. No matter when you started collecting, you might have some valuable cards in your collection that could bring you big money. Unless you’re secretly Bruce Wayne, you could probably use a few extra hundred dollars. Though you can sell those cards yourself, it’s often a big hassle that will leave you feel frustrated and annoyed. Selling to a card reseller lets you take the cash without dealing with those hassles.

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Selling Baseball and Sports Cards Yourself

When you decide to sell your cards yourself, you can sell those cards in classified ads, online or at a local flea market or swap meet. Some consignment shops will also take your cards, but those stores often take a large percentage of the sale price. You need to invest in a value guide or research the prices of each card online. Between researching prices for hundreds of cards and dealing with buyers, you might wish that you sold your cards to someone else.

How to Sell Your Cards to a Reseller

A reseller is someone who buys items from one source and sells those items at a profit to someone else. Card resellers often specialize in merchandise and memorabilia from various sports, and the dealers know the value and worth of each item they sell. You can either sell your cards for one lump sum or sell your collection a few cards at a time. This is an easy way to get a good price for some of the more valuable cards that you own. Many baseball cards are only worth a few cents or less, and some dealers will go through your cards to pick out the best ones and make an offer on only a few.

Looking to Trade Cards?

As a collector, you probably have a few cards that you want to add to your collection. At Houston Numismatic Exchange, you can sell some of the cards you no longer want or need and buy some new cards. You may even find that the store will work out a trade with you that lets you get the cards and memorabilia that you want. Click here to learn more about the store and how you can sell your cards today.

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