Feeling Sexy

Oh my! Niko is asking us to post picture that is showing some flesh. I don’t know why these themes crossed Niko’s mind. Well, because I am one of those brave girls, I will post mine…and that picture is dyaraaan!Sorry to disappoint you girls, this is the farthest I can go. I am not brave enough to wear string bikinis because of my stretch marks on the upper part of my thighs. Take note, I exerted efforts in losing some weight and flab so I can wear this two piece. See those flab in the tummy area? I don’t care if they are bulging everywhere as long as I feel sexy…lol!

Being sexy doesn’t mean showing more flesh anyway. A fully clothed woman can be sexier than a nude girl. Sexiness is all about the attitude, being confident and loving yourself. If you want to be sexy, be yourself and walk with your head up high.

I am excited to blog hop and to see sexy pictures of my co-Girl Talkers. Want to see them? Join me as I visit Niko’s…

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