She-Bloggers Meet Up at Dads

It was already 12:30 p.m. I was in a hurry for I don’t want to be late for the She-Bloggers meet up at Dads SM Megamall. Thank God, even I came from the mountain of “Tralala” I arrived just on time. Finally, I have seen the pretty faces behind those blogs. They introduced themselves even they need not to for I know them very well in the blogosphere.
Of course there was the famous baby in blogland…Sati.
(from left to right)standing- Josie, Jade, Fhedz, Pehpot with Sati, Nuts, Paula, Tetcha with his son. sitting- Fhedz daughter YZ, Earth and me.
Chris was the first to go home but I was able to get her picture with Sati and her kids Kyla and Toby. 

It was my first time to have met these good writers but I can say they are also nice persons inside and out.
Oh before I forget, thanks to Mr. Robert Castro for assisting us and for patiently taking our pictures. He is very accommodating so he deserves a commendation and exposure. lol!
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