Shopping Online: The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Humanity!

If you want to be a modern person and also want to save money and time, you should definitely start shopping online. Forget about huge lines, lack of products in aisles, rude people and long shopping trips. If you want to shop online, you will avoid all these things and will save money too! How? Here are just a few reasons why it is much better to shop like that and save money and time. It will easily prove that online shopping is the best thing that ever happened to the whole mankind! Trust me!

shopping online

But remember, these are just a tip of an iceberg and there are many other great reasons too. You can find them by yourself easily. Forget about traditional shopping, because online retailers are going to make your shopping experience the best!

You Don’t Need To Dress Up!

You can wear sweatpants, old and dirty clothing, or you can be absolutely naked while shopping and nobody will know about that! Shopping online is amazing for people who are too lazy or just doesn’t care how they look and they don’t want to leave home too. You just don’t need to put clothes on you. You can shop from your bathroom if you want! Nobody cares and nobody will ever say or look weird at you because they won’t see you. Isn’t this enough for you right away?

Getting Mail is Fun!

Everybody loves to get things by mail, aren’t they? That little rush then you see a postman coming with your new stuff is unbelievable. So why don’t you pamper yourself with this experience every week or so? Order food, clothing or anything else you want and become best friends with your mailman soon!

No More Hard Refunds

If it happens that you are not satisfied with your purchase and you want to return it – no problem. You won’t need to look for a recipe which you lost somewhere because all information about your purchase is online. So you can prove your purchase easily and without any struggle. Moreover, all you need to do, in this situation, is just pack item and send it back. You won’t need to talk for an hour explaining why that item is bad for you. Simply write a short note and here you go!

Coupons To The Rescue!

Another great thing why shopping is great, are various online coupons. With these online deals, you can shop for all what you wish for and get discounts instantly. You can find special coupons for products, or a special one for free delivery and reduce all shipping costs easily. For instance, if you love to shop at Target, then use online Target coupons from ChameleonJohn and enjoy your enormous savings! Shopping online will never be as cheap as without these little miracle makers!

You Can Shop Everywhere

No matter if you are on a toilet, on a train or at work, shopping online is easy and possible! All you need is an electronic device with Wi-Fi and some money in your bank account. So forget about boredom in your office meetings or long bus rides, because online shopping is a nice thing to do then you don’t know what else to do!

No Commitment

As in stores, you might be pushed to purchase that dress you are hesitating about by a saleswoman, but while shopping online you are your own boss. You can shop for clothing as much as you want and postpone purchases too. You don’t need to buy that thing instantly and afterward feel guilty about it. Look through other similar e-stores and find the best price easily. And then shop. That is it! You are controlling your finances like a boss now!

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Why More Consumers Prefer Online Shopping

You might not notice it but although the crowd at malls and shopping centers are increasing every time there is a sale, there are more people shopping online.  Although there are tons of new shopping malls, these are either under construction or newly opened.  Fact is, there are more people shopping online and their numbers are growing. If you haven’t tried online shopping yet, you might want to check out some of the reasons why a lot of people prefer doing their purchases online nowadays.

online shopping


A lot of people are enjoying the experience of browsing hundreds of products and getting their orders with just a few clicks of the mouse. A couple of steps have been removed such as:

  • no more waiting in line for the payment
  • no more waiting for vacancy in the parking lot
  • no more waiting in traffic to get to the mall
  • no more big crowds to battle with for a popular item

Of course, you would still have to wait for the shipment of your products but that’s about the only hassle you have to deal with. For huge items, you no longer have to deal with having to transport them as you would only need to wait for it to arrive at your doorstep.

Variety of choices

Sellers and products coming from all parts of the country are going online too so buyers will have more choices when they shop online. You can buy your favorite stuffs coming from hundreds of miles away and get it delivered right at your doorstep easily. Aside from the choices, you can also easily compare prices online. You can do this in the mall too but you would have to check out different brands or kiosks first. You would also have to find the ones that sells the product or a similar one that you liked.

Almost everything for sale can be found on the internet so you can easily browse for new, used or second hand products. There are a lot of online shopping sites in the Philippines, like Lamido, where you can find thousands of products.


Online shopping sites do not have a 10 am to 10 pm operation hours like those of shopping malls. You can easily browse and do your shopping anytime of the day and any day of the week. And since they are online, as long as your computer – desktop, laptop, notebook/netbook, and even your mobile device is connected on the internet, you can easily access their website and complete your online shopping.

Money saver

Aside from having the ability to easily canvass prices coming from different suppliers or sellers, you could also save money by eliminating factors such as having to pay for parking in malls, gas for transportation or for the bus/taxi, extra expenditures while at the mall (food and other unnecessary expenses) and so much more.

There are far more benefits of online shopping that a lot of people enjoy but do keep in mind that same as in the offline world, scammers are out there and they are there to take advantage of you. Most people who enjoy the online world of shopping are aware of that and knows the right precautions to avoid them. If you are careful, you too can enjoy the online world. Happy shopping!

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Online Shopping Convenience

The way people do their shopping has been revolutionized by the internet. Yes, internet has become a worldwide mall where people shop for everything. Online shopping has become increasingly popular since it was opened for commercial use for the obvious reason of convenience. Here are the reasons why most people prefer to shop online.

online shopping


For those who dislike walking around malls from store to store, online shopping allows you to get fashionable clothing delivered to your doorstep. Well not just clothing but almost everything, from cars to gadgets or even food and services. Because everything is now available online, you can shop from the convenience of your home or office during your free time. You can save not just your time but gasoline and energy as well.

Infinite Choices

Choices are no longer limited to products that are manufactured locally. You can now order from around the world. Most online retailers offer shipping worldwide. Some retailers offer express shipping option for those who need to have the product delivered immediately and or free shipping depends on the amount of the ordered item.

Item and Price Comparison

Before making your purchase online, you can easily compare products and prices through different online stores by simply opening more browsers. You will be able to see the images and measurements even of the items that may only be available in selected countries. Reviews of the said products are also available online. These reviews will provide you the information you need as to which product can be trusted or not or which product is more affordable yet yields good result. Thus, these reviews will help you decide which product to buy and not to buy.

Payment Options

For added convenience, most online shops offer different methods of payment; Paypal (the most popular by far), credit or debit cards, online checks, bank deposits, electronic wallet and COD or cash on delivery (available only in local online shops). This way, you can surely choose the payment option that is right and convenient for you.

Broken items? Items too large or too small? Not satisfied with what you got? Don’t worry because most online stores accept free return. What else could be more convenient than doing your shopping online? Online shopping is fun, exciting and relaxing!

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Online Shopping Tricks to Save Even More Money

Most shopaholics already know that making purchases online is a great way to save, but with such a wide range of competition out there some sites offer better deals than others. To find the biggest deals on the internet, you have to be willing to put a bit of time and effort into hunting them down. The following are a few tricks that you can use to save even more money when shopping online.

online shopping

Use Shopbots

Websites like act as powerful search engines, trolling through different results to find the best prices for any given product. Google has a shopping section which also fulfills this purpose. It’s worth using these virtual shopping robots in order to see the average prices given by different online retailers. This will ensure that you’re getting the best possible deal, and could give you bargaining power for price negotiations.

Search Local Marketplaces

One of the best ways to find deep discounts on both new and used products is to shop at online marketplaces. The biggest names in this category include eBay and Amazon, but localized companies are quickly catching up. Quicksales offers an app for ease of searching and is localized to Australian buyers and sellers, for example. There are local Craigslist and Gumtree sales boards that hold everything under the sun as well. You can save money buying from local sellers who are unwilling to ship their products, meaning that they will probably receive lower bids for them. Recent advertising for and other websites of this nature means that their exposure is rising, so they’re worth checking regularly for the best deals.

Collect Online Coupons

Although you’ll see many items already listed on sale, you can usually receive even further discounts if you find manufacturer coupons online. These are often sold through eBay and other sources, and major retailers often run discount days on their products. It’s worth signing up for daily deals services like Groupon and Living Social, which have expanded beyond simply offering deals on services to include consumer products as well.

Consider Outlet Shopping

It’s difficult for high street brands to store their extensive collection of clearance stock in their shops, because they have to make way for new products. At the same time they want to get rid of this stock, and many choose to sell it at heavily discounted prices online. Some will include clearance sections on their main website, while others will have separate outlet stores. These could be stored on the main website, like ASOS, or they could be hidden, as with Monsoon. A quick Google search for the high street brand of your choice and “outlet” could reveal a hidden treasure trove of discounted stock on eBay.

Savvy shoppers love the thrill of the hunt, and even with the abundance of search tools there’s always the thrill that comes with stumbling across an unexpected great deal. By taking the time to compare options from different online retailers, you can take advantage of the deepest discounts.

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Things to Consider When Shopping Online

Most people today prefer online shopping than the conventional shopping which is running around from one shop to another. Why not if shopping online is more convenient than the latter? Yes, it is the convenience I think that the people like the best from shopping online. Now you can buy buy playbook or any gadget even if you’re in your pajamas, unlike before that you had no choice but to leave your home and visit the store.

Purchasing online has many benefits. However, just like any other transactions, it has potential risks. Your personal as well as your card details could be stolen and used for fraudulent purchases and activities.

What are the things to consider when shopping online?

  • The store must value a person’s privacy and confidentiality. Read their privacy policy first.
  • How long have they been in business? For your own security, shop only from reputable online stores. Read reviews from the store’s customers.
  • Know the terms, rules, obligations, and expectations of all parties to the transaction before you buy (shipping fees, warranty, policies for returning defective or damaged items, etc.).
  • Use credit cards when purchasing online. Both the card issuer and the retailer are liable when something goes wrong. As much as possible refrain from using your debit card as it might get hacked.
  • Is there a way to contact the store? Look for contact number where you can call to ask and to verify as well if the store is legitimate. If in doubt, do not complete a transaction.
  • Do they have refund policy? You cannot see the actual product and try before buying it. What if the product in the picture is different from the actual product? What if it doesn’t meet your expectations?

If you give proper attention to the steps listed above, shopping online can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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