Preparing for the Battle

When I was in my last trimester in college, all I can think about was which companies to apply with, the kind of job I will accept and the salary I am willing to receive. I really thought I was prepared for the next step after college: job hunting. I thought it was going to be a walk in the park because I am a degree holder and I have the skills. So I thought.Yes, I did get a job but I could have looked for other offers with higher salaries and benefits. Instead, I accepted the offer of the first company who hired me. The reason? I was afraid I won’t be accepted by the next company I’ll be applying with.

It’s just now that I realized that I could have done better. How? By equipping myself with basic tools which I can use and schools usually doesn’t teach you these. Examples are:

Bookkeeping and Basic Accounting for Non-Accountants
How to Implement 5S in the Workplace
Fundamentals of Management
Business Etiquette Training
Conversation, Writing, Presentation Skills
Extensive Grammar Training
Confidence Building

This early, I now have a list of development courses which I want my dauther RJ to take. Call it exagerrated but I call it planning for the future. I want her to be prepared for what lies ahead and I want her to be at her best in her battle with life’s challenges.

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