Height Doesn’t Matter

Was there a time your shortness in height bothered you…kitchen counters almost your chest level, mirrors hung too high, chairs are sometimes high and there’s always a need for two step stool to see things eye to eye?

I am five feet flat and there was a time that I had to deal with my being short most especially the time when I was looking for a job. I don’t understand why height matters to employers when shorter people can do exactly what tall people can do or maybe even more. What some people do not know is, being short has many advantages. Shorter people like me moves faster because we are more agile and quick. There may be no slam dunks for us but we are good dancers than the tallers ones. We do not need to duck on doorways and not to mention that we can fit in to a lot of stuff. Lol!

When I was accepted on my first job and have proven that a person’s ability cannot be measured by his height or his physical traits for that matter, I stopped worrying about my height and gained my confidence. Height doesn’t really matter.

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