Choose the Right Skin Products for Men

For years, men thought they might lose their masculinity when they look at the mirror for a long time. But time changes and so are people’s mind. Men today are as conscious as women when it comes to their looks. In fact, I see number of men going to salons for facial, hair spa, etc. Others may still find it strange but let us understand that it is also important for men to look good and feel good. Like women, some men also have sensitive skin and experience breakouts on their face. I am glad that there are wide range of skin products for men that are now available in the market. These products’ popularity are increasing because they are exclusively made for men who have 15% oily skin and much bigger pores than women, not to mention the skin irritation they experience after shaving.

My husband is one of those who have sensitive skin. He suffers from dryness, itchiness and rashes after each shave that is why he is very careful in choosing his facial wash and aftershave creams. So, how he chooses his skin care products? I will share you his secret but please keep it secret and don’t tell him that I shared it with you.

•He avoided skin products that has large amount of alcohol or detergents because it dries his skin.
•He chooses products that can easily heal/revitalize irritated shaven skin by digging a little deeper into product’s ingredients.
•Products with SPF is important for him too as shaved skin can be easily damaged by sun’s ultraviolet.
•He splashes cold water after each shave to tighten the pores and wash off the excess residue of the products he used.

To sum it all, my husband only chooses the best skin products. Vain? No. He is very manly inside and out. He just likes to look good all the time for me. Wink!



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