Christmas in North Pole

Have you visited North Pole? No, not the one in the middle of the Arctic Ocean but the SM North Pole. Obviously, it is the replica of where the generous big fat man lives.

RJ is not a Santa-believer anymore. Hubby and I told her the truth about Santa when she was 7 years old but just like any other child, she still gets thrills when she sees Christmas decorations and anything related to Christmas. When we went to SM North Edsa last Saturday, she was delighted to see the North Pole Christmas displays.

Santa's Reindeer Barn the Reindeer Barn where Santa’s 9 reindeer are…

Mrs. Claus Kitchen Mrs. Claus Kitchen

Santa's Mail Room Santa’s Mail Room

We were in the middle of picture taking when our digital camera’s battery went dead. Good thing hubby has his phone and extra batteries with him. We were able to take more pictures.

Santa Claus

a picture with Santa Claus

Snowman a hug with Snowman

It was really an awesome day feeling the essence of Christmas. If you want to experience the joyful Christmas in North Pole, visit SM North Edsa with the whole family.

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Sky Garden and Green Roofs as Insulators

Lush greens everywhere we look. Your guess is right…these pictures were taken from a garden. Not garden on the ground but garden on the sky! We went to SM North Edsa last Sunday to celebrate hubby’s birthday and visiting that place is not complete without visiting their sky garden.

SM North Sky Garden
green roof
sky garden

Sky garden and green roofs are now popular in other countries for they are good insulators. A roof of a house or building is partially or completely covered with plants, planted over a waterproofing membrane. It helps to lower urban air temperatures. By minimizing heat absorbing surfaces it helps to reduce energy cost inside the house or building as well. It is best for tropical countries like ours where the sun is shining the whole year. I can’t imagine how much energy we can save if we all have green roofs.

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