Smaller Yet Peaceful Home

I am giving away our queen size bed as we do not have enough space here in the house anymore. RJ is growing up so fast while hubby and I are getting bigger each day. The three of us can barely move with ease here in our very small home. Would you believe that we are living in a 40 square meter space? Yes, we have a very small house. Maybe it is just the size of your master bedroom, but I will not trade this house for anything. And if I will be given the chance to buy a bigger one, still, I will keep this house. We have so much memories in here. This is our haven since we got married and this is our witness when we had our baby.

This was taken when we moved in 11 years ago…

One more thing I love about this house is it is very easy to maintain. You may be wondering how I manage to do that with all the stuff to store on a limited space. The hanging cabinets and hidden storage furniture are what helping us maintain our house the way we want it…organized and peaceful. They make our house naturally manageable thus cleaning is a lot easier. Also, based on our experience, small house living is an easy way to live more sustainably. Life is simpler, up keep cost is lower, utility bills are lower thus, less debt and less risk. Yes, small house has many advantages that is why Small House Movement advocates living in small homes for a less clutter and less complicated life. In fact, there are professionals and even movie stars who proudly downsized their homes.

Small house may not accommodate your excess stuff but one thing is for sure, it will make your life simpler thus you will have mental freedom and a more peaceful life.

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