Understanding the Android World

Whenever someone would ask you what’s the operating system of your phone or tablet PC, do you really know how to answer it? Some might think it’s the model or the brand but it’s not. You may think not knowing is insane but yes, some people don’t know it.


Right now, one of the most popular smartphone and tablet PC’s operating system is Android. It’s Linux-based and a Google product and has been running in numerous cellphone brands like Samsung, LG and many more.

It first operated a phone in 2008 and two years after it has become the world’s leading smartphone platform. In fact it had a worldwide smartphone market share of 68% at the second quarter of 2012.

Its code is an open source for the sake of its maintenance and development and numerous app developers contributes to its growing Android Market which is now known as Google Play. These apps run in Java language using the Android System Development Kit. Even a 7-year old kid can make his own app, that’s why it is also an effective way of supporting the younger generation of developers on their quest to become the future moguls of technology.

What makes the android operating system better than the others is its availability to cheap mobile phones. You do not have to queue for longer lines just to get one. You don’t even have to exclusively download certain software just to make use of the available apps fully. They have a lot of free apps available for kill boredom and to help you out in your day to day living.

These days, owning an android phone is as easy as buying bread in the nearby bakery. It’s numerous and useful free apps is continuously making the operating system more famous and popular to the ever growing techie community.

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Solutions for Business on the Move

One of the biggest parts of business is leaving the office to go and meet with clients and investors to keep them updated with progress. This is followed by discussing plans going forward in a bid to extend contracts or even negotiate for increased sums of money for the service you’re providing. However, this does ultimately leave a negative in the form of down time at the office.

When you go away from your desk, for any length of time, nothing is being produced and time is money – as we all know in business. Deadlines can be missed, work is subsequently rushed and clients are left unhappy and may choose to take their business elsewhere, often through no fault of our own. Fortunately the ever-evolving tech world has presented a number of different methods to help us to reduce the damage caused by downtime ranging from working on Lenovo tablet laptops to utilizing ‘the cloud.’

laptopThere have been all kinds of problems caused by people trying to work on public transport, either on their commute to or from work or while travelling to visit clients. People have left laptops or paperwork on the train, at the platform of just dropped them without even realizing and the all-important information is lost. To counter the problems this can cause, backing up is essential. By saving your files to a different location, such as a USB flash drive or ‘the cloud’, you can still gain access to the documents or presentation from other devices.

So what is ‘the cloud’ exactly? It’s one of these new-fangled concepts that just confuses some people, while other people have incorporated into their business as part of the furniture. The cloud is an online storage system that allows users to save files keeping them somewhere secure and off their desktop, meaning that if the system is hacked, people can’t access your confidential documents It also covers you if your laptop or tablet is dropped and damaged, lost or stolen, you’ve got backup copies of your work.

Tablets have proven to be a Godsend for some businesses, allowing employees to work on the move without having to carry around laptops. They’re great to work on, providing you with a genuine keyboard and mouse, but tablets are much lighter and easier to carry. The ‘smartphone generation’ want to be able to access the latest information and services with their fingertips. Using a tablet enables them to go on social networks, access emails and browse the web quickly and easily to stay in touch with industry news and monitor their emails to stay in touch with those back at the office or answer questions from clients.

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