Travel Expenses Went Over Board

According to the records of Commission on Audit, President Arroyo and her delegation had spent some P2.3 billion from 2003 to 2007, when the budget for the period was supposed to be only P1.1 billion. President Arroyo overspent by P1.6 billion. That’s more than 100% beyond the allotted budget. Included here are the controvercial $20,000 dinner at Le Cirque in New York last week and the $15,000 meals at steakhouse. I wonder how they can spend such amount for meals while many Filipinos have no food on their table.
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Problems In Public Schools

It is enrollment time again. May is the enrollment month here in the Philippines. Classes in public schools will start on June 1 and June 8 on private schools. This is the school where we enrolled our daughter for her second grade. It’s a big school, catering pre-school to college, with good facilities. Trees are surrounding the whole campus and there are cottages where the students can stay during their breaktime. We’re glad that there’s no tuition fee increase this year though it still costs us my hubby’s whole 13th month pay plus a little from our savings just for the tuition fee down payment and books, uniform and other school supplies are excluded. It is quite a fortune sending our children in private school but we don’t mind because it is the only wealth we can give to our dear daughter…good quality education.


I have nothing against public schools because I am a graduate of public school, elementary and high school, but because of the problems and current situation of the public schools, we can’t afford to send our child there. During our time, the maximum student per classroom is 30. Nowadays, public schools in NCR and its suburbs have 70-100 students per classroom. Wow! The teacher must be very good to handle these number of students. In some schools, 2 classes are sharing in a classroom or having their classes on corridors or under the tree. There are also schools that divided their classes into 3 shifts, 3-4 hours per shift. I wonder if the students can learn in such short period. Comfort room is also a problem. Imagine a school of 500 students with just 1 comfort room to share with. Plus text books with wrong information and contents. (sigh!!!)

Lack of classrooms and good facilities in public schools is the same problem the Department of Education is facing every year for years now and yet the government can’t resolve this. The government must give priority and big budget to education. We are paying taxes and yet our children can’t have affordable quality education. 

Why can’t YOU traditional politicians resolve important issues? Stop pulling down your political opponents. Just work hand in hand…will you? Please?!


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Left-Handed On Right-Handed World

I saw this posted on our refrigerator door last Sunday. This is my daughter’s gift to me last Mother’s day. I was touched because I saw her drawing something but I had no idea that it’s for me. This reminds me of my own drawings when I was her age. Like me, she has this passion for arts and she’s left handed too. Based on research, if you are left-handed, the right side of your brain which controls the visual and artistry of the person is more dominant. So this answers the saying that if you are left-handed you are artistic or creative.

About 10% of the world’s population is left-handed. Left-handedness is more common in males than in females. There does not appear to be any great disadvantage to being left-handed other than inconvenience of using some tools in our right-handed world.

Desks in school- How often do you see desk in school with the slab wood on the left side?

Ruler- the number seems to go the wrong way for a lefty.

Manual vehicle- it would be much easier for a left-handed person if the stick is on the left side.

Coffee mug- we are always looking at the plain side.

Computer- there’s no left-handed keyboard.

Wrist watches- all watches are made to be worn on the left hand making it hard for us to push the buttons.

Guitar- designed for right-handed or you reverse the strings.

Good to know that there are on-line stores for left-handed people like me. Anything Left Handed is an on-line store that offers tools especially designed for left-handed people that can help to make our task a lot easier.

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Lesser Opportunity In our Own Country

One of the world’s greatest problems is unemployment. The reason why many Filipinos are leaving the country to sustain their family’s daily needs and to give their children better future is because other countries can offer better jobs and more opportunities than the country of our own. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I am a true-blooded Filipino and I love the Philippines. What I do not like is the bureaucracy or I should say “bureaucrazy”?

According to my sister who used to work in South Korea for 5 years, it is very easy to find a job there. Koreans just have to walk from one factory to another. The employer will ask them how much salary they like. If the employer agrees, then they can start working the next day without even asking for their names. The following day, it’s the only time the employer will ask for their names and other information plus, there is no age limit. Even a 70 year old can work as long as he or she is capable to work.

How about here? When applying for a job, 2 to 3 years experience is a must in most companies and if you are above 35 years old, most likely they will not hire you except of course in call centers. You have to take series of tests, then pass the initial interview and pass the final interview. If you are lucky enough to pass all of these, then you have to complete all the requirements. One is certificate of employment from previous employers which will be the proof that you have experience.

You will be asked then to secure an NBI clearance. Unlikely, you can not get the NBI clearance without the police clearance, you can not get a police clearance without the barangay clearance and you can not get a barangay clearance without the cedula or tax certificate. In short, you have to get them all. Whew!!!

Then, there is the medical examination. Most of the companies are accepting results only from their affiliated laboratories which will cost you more than a thousand. You are looking for a job to earn but seem you will spend much before you can start working.

More often than not, finding a job is like a business. You have to invest before you can earn. How about those who want to have decent jobs but can not meet these requirements? How about those who are qualified but do not have even a single centavo to spend? Result: unemployment, poverty, hunger, theft, robbery, prostitution. It is so sad that this is happening in our country. I am hoping that our government can find solutions to solve this problem in increasing number of unemployed Filipinos and not just focus in 2010 elections.

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Be Grateful With What We Have


A friend sent me an email. It says don’t break the chain and send it to others for them to be aware and be grateful with what they have. I have already sent it to my friends whom I have email addresses. I thought of posting it here for you my friends in blogosphere.

My great friends, let this not come to you as a surprise,

but it’s real, having them living around us and our neighborhood today.

We can change it with prayers and always lend a helping hand to those in need.

Thank God for food and water that you already have.

This is one reason why we have to thank God for the food

that we can have easily…but in the other hand…ironically,

we still waste the food that we buy.

I feel very grateful for what I have today…

We are so blessed for the wonderful works of God’s hand in our life today.

Just think of this…

“I felt very fortunate to live in this part of the world.

I promise I will never waste my food no matter how bad it can taste or how full I may be.

I promise not to waste water.

I pray that this little boy be alleviated from his suffering.

I pray that we will be more sensitive towards the suffering in the world around us

and not be blinded by our own selfish nature and interests.

I hope these pictures will always serve as a reminder to us about how fortunate we are

and that we must never ever take things for granted.

Think and look at this…when you complain about your food

and the food we waste daily…”

May all human beings be free from suffering!!!

Let us make a prayer in any place around the globe

and send this friendly reminder to others.

Let your friends know what God has done in his/her life

compared with these kids’ deplorable conditions.

Everyday 25,000 died of hunger around the world. Very depressing but serves as an eye opener as well. Two things made me cry this week, this email from my friend and the video of Chicken Ala Carte from Mommy Rose’s post.

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